Bower and Ubuntu

Posted: 10 years ago in  Unix HTML-CSS-JS Miscellaneous

Bower is a package manager which is very useful for front-end developer who use angular, cordova, etc... View more


Posted: 10 years ago in  Unix Miscellaneous

Create SWAP area in Ubuntu is especially helpful with low-memory VPS. This tut in digitalocean is great, very clear and simple. View more

Setup Ubuntu Server to send email with own domain

Posted: 10 years ago in  Unix Miscellaneous

To add "email notification" to an appplication/website, usually, the first thing is setup of sendmail on Ubuntu server. It is absolutly simple. Here is few steps to do: View more

Working with bitbucket: create RSA keys, init repository, commit and checkout

Posted: 10 years ago in  Unix Miscellaneous

Bitbucket has same features as Github, Launchpad. They provide revesion management for website/application developements. View more

AndroVM-install Android on Windows/Ubuntu/MacOs with VirtualBox

Posted: 10 years ago in  Unix Windows Mac OS Miscellaneous

This article may be interesting with mobile application developers and people who doesn't have an android phone. The way is using the open-source project called AndroVM that port Android to run in x86 based PC. You can do most of things as on mobile/tablet Android. It is good choice for testing Android app (install via adb) or experience Android on a big screen (with Google Playstore, install apps, play games...). View more