Add custom attribute to customer address then use it when creating order in Magento

Posted: 9 years ago in  Magento MySQL PHP

In Magento, one customer has 2 default address, one for billing and one for shipping address. The information seem to fit most general address over the world. However, in some countries, the address structure is more complicated View more

Add an Admin User to the WordPress Database via MySQL/PHPMyAdmin

Posted: 9 years ago in  MySQL Wordpress Unix Windows Mac OS

In some cases where you lost control of admin user in Wordpress Site or account is deleted, you are locked out of the site. The solution is creating another admin account to remove the old one and do backup your site outside of website using MySQL command-line interface or PHPMyAdmin View more

MySQL: restoring database and MySQL Server GONE AWAY....what is the reason ???

Posted: 10 years ago in  Unix Database MySQL

This error is occurred when you try to restore big, very big database file. Hope the way I write here help you save a bit of time 8-) View more

PostgreSQL and MySQL - automate the backup process with autopostgresqlbackup and automysqlbackup

Posted: 10 years ago in  Unix Database MySQL PostgreSQL

Database is a matter of system. Day by day, it grows up and become more important. Even when we do not change the running system, it is a good habit to backup regularly databases. It would help you ensure the Recover Time in SLA to client, just in case. View more