Enable exfat in Ubuntu 14

Posted: 8 years ago in  Unix

It is hard to find the format supported natively by all 3 operating system MacOS, Windows and Unix. View more

Restore missing skype icon on status bar in Ubuntu 14

Posted: 9 years ago in  Unix Miscellaneous

Skype provide deb file in their Download page but it does not work 100% on Ubuntu 14.04. View more

Secure remove folder in Ubuntu

Posted: 9 years ago in  Unix

Safe delete confidential data on Ubuntu server/VPS should be taken care before service termination. View more

Increase file-size limit with Wordpress-Nginx-PHP-FPM

Posted: 9 years ago in  Unix PHP Wordpress

In CentOS with PHP-FPM and Nginx, to change file-size limit, the configuration differ slightly from which in Ubuntu with mod PHP for Apache (libapache2-mod-php5/php5) and Apache. View more