MySQL: restoring database and MySQL Server GONE AWAY....what is the reason ???

Posted: 10 years ago in  Unix Database MySQL

This error is occurred when you try to restore big, very big database file. Hope the way I write here help you save a bit of time 8-) View more

Wordpress-rebuild translation file (PO file) for theme and plugin

Posted: 10 years ago in  PHP Wordpress

Multilingual Website Multilingual contents is a need for e-commerce website, especially in multinational company interesting on cross-border commerce. Understanding that need, most of wordpress themes are translated-ready. View more

VirtualHost-prettify url in local website development environment

Posted: 10 years ago in  Unix Apache

Common URL used in website development is localhost/website_folder_name that is very unfriendly. In addition, there is feature that requires input/host url in form of instead of localhost/directory. Then, VirtualHost is a way to make a nice url on development environment. View more

Magento-moving sourcecode around with different base_url

Posted: 10 years ago in  PHP Magento

Magento is very popular to build an e-commerce website at a glance. It is a consistent system with many many useful configuration. View more

Guest Login - is it a need in personal computer ?

Posted: 10 years ago in  Unix

Ubuntu comes with default guest account. It does not require password to login. It is possible to turn it off by following procedure View more