[Microsoft Office Word 2007] hyperlink is not displayed properly

Posted: 9 years ago in  Unix Windows Mac OS Miscellaneous

Word in Microsoft Office is popular known as word processor to Window users. However, not every user known all settings and totally control the application. Here is one setting "Show Field Codes Instead of Their Values" that could make you frustrating and one day. If it accidentally changed, you can follow steps in my article to restore it View more

Convert PDF file to images

Posted: 9 years ago in  Unix Miscellaneous

Sometime, we need display PDF file on website instead of a direct link because not all users has Adobe Reader installed and integrated in web browser to read it directly. View more

YOUTUBE-DL - Good Youtube Downloader in Ubuntu

Posted: 9 years ago in  Unix Miscellaneous

In order fetch video on Youtube network, we can go to a website then get the direct link using Orbit Downloader/Internet Download Manager or other downloader supporting get direct link of streamed video using Youtube-DL that is my favourite tool View more

Wireshark in Ubuntu does not reconigze interfaces

Posted: 9 years ago in  Unix Miscellaneous

In order to analyze the request and response in and out, Wireshark is a good tool. View more

Setup Git server in Debian VPS

Posted: 9 years ago in  Unix Miscellaneous

In article Working with bitbucket, I wrote a short guide how to create, upload and working with Bitbucket. They provide service to manage private repository with zero cost. It is greate with only limit of users working in one repository, that is 5 persons. The question is....can we make our own repositories on our server ? View more