Wordpress-custom authentication (LDAP, Crowd, OpenID, Restful Service, Gmail, Facebook or social network...)

Posted: 9 years ago in  PHP Wordpress

Wordpress has its own authentication and authorization, of course :-) However, we also have own strong, reliable authentication system, or we may call SSO software. It would be greate if staffs can use one credentials from SSO system to login multi service such as email, CRM, Project Management system...etc, including wordpress. View more

Wordpress-rebuild translation file (PO file) for theme and plugin

Posted: 9 years ago in  PHP Wordpress

Multilingual Website Multilingual contents is a need for e-commerce website, especially in multinational company interesting on cross-border commerce. Understanding that need, most of wordpress themes are translated-ready. View more

Magento-moving sourcecode around with different base_url

Posted: 9 years ago in  PHP Magento

Magento is very popular to build an e-commerce website at a glance. It is a consistent system with many many useful configuration. View more