Useful command to manage Ubuntu VPS

Posted: 9 years ago in  Unix

These commands are useful to whoever manage own VPS for the first time and in this article, commands are in Ubuntu system. View more

Add an Admin User to the WordPress Database via MySQL/PHPMyAdmin

Posted: 10 years ago in  MySQL Wordpress Unix Windows Mac OS

In some cases where you lost control of admin user in Wordpress Site or account is deleted, you are locked out of the site. The solution is creating another admin account to remove the old one and do backup your site outside of website using MySQL command-line interface or PHPMyAdmin View more

Push SSH public-key to VPS make it faster to ssh/sftp

Posted: 10 years ago in  Unix Miscellaneous

Each VPS provided by companies should have admin control panel to add public key to get rid of password-authentication each time you ssh to server. However, in few case, CP will cost you or VPS reseller do not suggest that management, you still have the way to add key to VPS. View more

Increase security of VPS with ClamAV

Posted: 10 years ago in  Unix Miscellaneous

VPS used in production stores data of all websites and sometime, we use the VPS to develop/install applications that might cause the problem with virus. ClamAV is free anti-virus for Unix. It would scan files/email. Here is configuration of ClamAV and "Get Started" steps: View more

[Microsoft Office Word 2007] hyperlink is not displayed properly

Posted: 10 years ago in  Unix Windows Mac OS Miscellaneous

Word in Microsoft Office is popular known as word processor to Window users. However, not every user known all settings and totally control the application. Here is one setting "Show Field Codes Instead of Their Values" that could make you frustrating and one day. If it accidentally changed, you can follow steps in my article to restore it View more