Cannot start Apache in MAMP/MAMP Pro on Yosemite 10.10

Posted: 9 years ago in  Apache Mac OS Miscellaneous

Workaround for the bug: cannot start Apache of MAMP in Yosemite View more

Restore missing skype icon on status bar in Ubuntu 14

Posted: 9 years ago in  Unix Miscellaneous

Skype provide deb file in their Download page but it does not work 100% on Ubuntu 14.04. View more

Push SSH public-key to VPS make it faster to ssh/sftp

Posted: 9 years ago in  Unix Miscellaneous

Each VPS provided by companies should have admin control panel to add public key to get rid of password-authentication each time you ssh to server. However, in few case, CP will cost you or VPS reseller do not suggest that management, you still have the way to add key to VPS. View more

Increase security of VPS with ClamAV

Posted: 9 years ago in  Unix Miscellaneous

VPS used in production stores data of all websites and sometime, we use the VPS to develop/install applications that might cause the problem with virus. ClamAV is free anti-virus for Unix. It would scan files/email. Here is configuration of ClamAV and "Get Started" steps: View more